Briefmarken für Bethel

  • Briefmarken für Bethel
  • Beschäftigter der Briefmarkenstelle Bethel an seinem Arbeitsplatz

The Postage Stamp Department of Bethel

Undamaged Edges

Marina Geißler works in a Bethel workplace for people with disabilities.

Marina Geißler is very aware that the edges of every stamp must stay absolutely intact when she gets started with her small black scissors and cuts hundreds of postage stamps from cards and envelopes. “Some here in the workplace have to draw out lines so that they don’t damage them. But I – I have all the lines in my head,” she says proudly. The fifty year old works in ‘Eicheneck’, a Bethel workplace for people with disabilities which was able to be established thanks to many donations.

Kilos to Order

Those interested in the stamps from Bethel can request a packing list over the phone (0521 144-3597) or by email (briefmarken[at], with which you can give us your order. You can order here even more conveniently.

Lost and Found

Historisches Bild

When the first stamp was sold in England in 1840, a fascination for them soon developed and a passion for collecting them arose. In Bethel, the interest in the used stamps led to the establishment of the Bethel’s Postage Stamp Department over 125 years ago. Soon after, thanks to many friends who sent their stamps to Bethel, work for people with disabilities could be organized. To this day we can continue with this scheme.

Therefore we ask: please don’t throw your stamps away – cut them out and send them to Bethel!

Job Offers

Through ‘Briefmarken für Bethel’ 125 people are employed. For many years, postage stamps have been and still are sent to Bethel by church communities, kindergartens, businesses, youth groups, schools, clubs and many individual people. We receive stamps from all sources, for example from the daily post and competition entries. Through our process, all privacy stays guaranteed; after the stamps are cut out, the cards and envelopes are properly destroyed.

Variety is Sought After

Every year the Postage Stamp Department receives 137 million stamps from packets, parcels and letters. Not all can be immediately registered and processed; therefore it’s better not to enclose any money in the mailings. Bethel can make good use of all stamps: German and foreign, stamped and unstamped, collections as well as randomly collected stamps, and also well preserved old letters and cards, envelopes and postcards.

Careful with the Scissors

Most stamps are cut out from the daily post at home or in the office. It is sensible to leave a 1cm space around the stamp so that the jagged edges aren’t damaged. Then they are gathered until they are sent to Bethel. Please provide your own packets and parcels to send them in and make sure that they are stamped sufficiently so that no expensive additional charge has to be paid.

Tüten mit bestellten Briefmarken

Getting a Good Bargain

Most of the postage stamps are sold to collectors after being processed into kilos. With the stamps, collectors expand their collections and try to fish out any good bargains. The bags from Bethel, with a variety of stamps from Germany and all over the world, are highly valuable because they spark a passion for collecting. The demand is therefore high.

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